Important: You have to create a service and create an own customer(organisation) before this part.

The buttons to create a new delivery order are always on-screen upper right. If you want to deliver to only one location, click "New Delivery". If you want to delivery to many locations, click "Multiple Deliveries", and we had provided template format for you to upload the file.

how to create a new delivery order

Fill out the delivery forms

Creating a new delivery order for your customers is easy with 6Parcel, just following the steps on screen and fill out the forms:

  1. Choose the billing organisation: The customer who want to create the order.
  2. What do you want to deliver: Parcel type(size) and quantity.
  3. Information about pick up and deliver to: Address, contact person, and timing.
Tip: You can add some contacts in the address book so that you can quickly select fill in.

Select a matching service

Select one of these services which you will like to use at this order.

Set payment methods and review

  1. Final. price
  2. Pay via cash or account
  3. Review the order and click "Confirm" to submit.

Print the consignment note

Click the button named "Print Note", choose one of these types you want to print:

  1. Normal format
  2. 2 by 4 stickers
  3. Envelope

Video Tutorials

video image-How to create delivery orders

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