You must have at least one service so that customer can choose your service by themselves and make you can bill your customers correctly.

Important: The first thing you have to do.

Add a new service

  1. Open the side menu " Setting"
  2. Click "Service" under "Setting"
  3. Looking for the button named "+ New service" on-screen right, click it.

If you are first time to login 6parcels system, you can quickly click this "Create Services" at dashboard:

first time login 6Parcels

Fill out options

We had set the most of default value, you can quickly scan this step, just need fill out 2 options.

  1. Service name
  2. Price for parcel type

Video Tutorials

video image-Creating courier services

Edit a service

If you want to adjust the content of a service, no problem. You can edit the service anytime before anyone using this service.

  1. Go into your services lists
  2. Click the service name that you want to adjust
  3. Be sure to click the button "Save Change" after you edit anything for the service.

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