Do you have regular customers? Let's create their own organisation for them, it will be helpful for you to record and manage delivers.

Tips: If you want to create a booking portal, just do it.

Add a new organisation

  1. Open the side menu " Setting"
  2. Click "Organisation" under "Setting"
  3. Looking for the button named "+ New Organisation" on-screen right, click it.

Fill out 2 options

  1. Organisation: What's the name of your customer organisation
  2. Short Code
Info: You can go into "Address Book" to add new contacts to an organisation.

Video Tutorials

video image-Creating own customers

Edit an organisation

Edit more information of an organisation. please go into your organisations lists and click one organisation name. There you can see:

  1. Detail
  2. Members
  3. Payments: Set payment methods and add a credit account here.
  4. Advanced Features: "Booking portal" is at here.

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