Let your own customers make a new delivery and select your own services by themselves.

Important: You have to create an own customer(organisation) before this part.

Add a member

Members are staffs/employees of the organisation who will be using booking portal for making deliveries in the day-to-day operations.

  1. Go into organisations lists and click the organsation that you want to create booking portal for them.
  2. Click the tab named "Members"
  3. Looking for the button named "+ New Member" on-screen right, click it.
  4. Fill out the member Email
Info: We will send a Email to the members. This Email contains "User name", "Password", and "Login link URL".

Booking portal for customer

The setting page is in another tab named "Advanced Features" under an organisation, click it and you can control if allow customer access online booking portal.

advanced feature
Tips: Want quickly to find login URL? At the dashboard, scroll down, you can quickly saw the public login URL.
dashboard-account setting

Reset booking portal password

Only the members can change the password. After them go into the booking portal login page:

  1. Click Forgot Password?
  2. Fill in Email then click Send instructions.
  3. Check the mail, click on the link.
  4. Key in a new password, click Change my password to submit.

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