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6Parcels is a courier software that helps small logistics firms stay competitive against the big guys.

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6Parcels-Courier syetem v3.0
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We give you tool to deliver

6Parcels provides a simple platform to manage your business efficiently. Our mission is to let you focus on your money-making business, while we help to automate all other things.

1. Sales Charts & Reports

Sales Charts & Reports

2. Generate Invoices

Generate Invoices

3. Customer Booking Portal

Customer Order Portal

Bill your customer effortlessly

From the moment you start, it will not take you long before you get used to its simplicity. From managing orders to your drivers' salaries, 6Parcels takes the trouble off you. Our mission is to let you focus on your core business and let our courier software automate the rest from you.

4. Assign Jobs to Driver

Assign Jobs to Driver

5. Parcel Tracking

Online Tracking

6. Driver App

Driver Mobile App

Driver App Includes

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Winfred Peng

" The best Courier Software I used so far. "

— Winfred Peng Owner of Nice Courier

Alan Chou

" I really love 6Parcels. I would not turn to any other company for courier dispatch software. "

— Alan Chou Owner of a Courier Service

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